We are a body of followers of Jesus Christ comprised of children, youth, singles, young adults and families committed to developing a close relationship with God through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and assisting others to have this same loving, life-changing relationship.

Our church is built on a simple mission “to connect people to an intimate, healthy, maturing relationship with God and others.”  We accomplish our mission by creating environments where people can “live for Jesus in 3D.”  The KHC family lives in 3d as we:

  • Discover intimacy with God.
  • Develop a healthy maturing relationship with God and other believes.
  • Demonstrate God’s love for everyone

See how one of our ministries below can be of service to you:

Outreach Ministry Team

Welcome Ministry Team

Creative & Technical Arts Ministry Team

Worship Ministry Team

Care & Connections Ministry Team

Children & Youth Ministry Team

Life Lessons Community Groups