Let’s Stay Together

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3 simple things you can do regularly to divorce proof your marriage

If you could do three simple things regularly to ensure that you could fail proof your marriage, would you be willing to do it? I certainly hope so. Your relationship is very important to your everyday life.

You may know people who have come together in marriage, and continue to hang in there even through the tough times. Then there have been others for some reason or the other who were not able to stay together for more than a month. Yet, there’s hope if you really want your relationship to work.

In their book, Craig and Amy Groeschel shared that a university study surveyed 1,246 couples that did three simple things regularly, and only one couple from that group divorced. The couples who stayed together made a commitment to Seek God, and these three simple things helped them seek God together.

On Sunday I shared those three simple things that can make a difference in your relationship. One of the three simple things that you can do to stay together is pray together Praying together is simply talking to God. Instead of getting into an argument about an issue that you and your spouse disagree on, use the time to seek God in prayer for a solution to the problem.

Even if you have no problems or disagreements (that would be a miracle), I believe it is still important on a daily basis, just as you eat, just as you brush your teeth, just as you work every day, to find time to pray with one another. Use this one simple thing to stay together.

Pastor Stan Byrd

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